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Tuesday, 20th November



Technical Conference: Essential skills, technologies and hardware for Inkjet applications in industry
Conference from the Authors of the Handbook of Industrial Inkjet Printing

Successful implementations of inkjet technology in industry are based on the proper selection of inks, printheads, pre- and post-processes, machine integration etc and especially on suitable strategies to match and adapt to the specific needs of the individual application.

A holistic approach to this complex task was described in the recent ‘handbook of industrial inkjet printing’ where experts from industry describe their companies’ technologies.

Authors from this handbook joined by experts from further companies will address important topics at this ‘Technical Conference at InPrint Italy 2018’ and share their knowledge in several topical clusters starting with ‘UV ink and curing techniques’, ‘inkjet printheads’, ‘successful applications’ and ‘machine integration’ as well as the topic of ‘inkjet + robots’, which presently experiences growing interest.

Introduction by Werner Zapka, Xaar

Inkjet Printhead Technology

10:40 Dimatix printhead technology

Tim Rosario, Fujifilm Dimatix

11:00 Xaar printhead technology

Tomas Cerny, Xaar

11:20 Konica Minolta printhead technology

Matthew Barr, Industrial Inkjet

Software in the Industrial Inkjet Workflow from Design to Production

11:45 Scanning solutions for industrial printing

Massimo Colagrande, METIS Systems

12:05 Color management software for industrial color printing

Thomas Kirschner, ColorGATE

12:25 Concepts for ‘direct-to-shape’ printing

Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems

Machine Integration

12:50 Werner van de Wynckel, VDW-Consulting
13:10 Michael Doran, Notion Systems
13:30 Wouter Brok, Meyerburger
13:50 Yair Kipman, ImageXpert

Applications: printed electronics

14:10 Inkjet + Laser: combining inkjet printing with laser processing as an enabling technology for large area electronics

Adam Brunton, M-SOLV

14:30 Photonic sintering in applications

Stan Farnsworth, V. Akhavan, Novacentrix

14:55 Résumé

Werner Zapka, Xaar


10:20 Introduction

Marcus Timson, Co-Founder InPrint

10:30 I.T. Strategies

2018 Update on Sizing Industrial Digital Print & its Rate of Development
Mark Hanley, IT Strategies

11:00 Xaar

Keeping up and getting ahead with the demands of packaging print
Jason Remnant, Xaar

11:30 Ritzi Automotive

Direct-to-shape printing solution
Thomas Wittman, Ritzi Automotive

12:30 OMSO

Solution to direct containers decoration with unkjet process
Ing. Ferrari Vittorio, OMSO
The presentation will be conducted in Italian

13:00 IST METZ

Industrial UV curing solutions for the 21st Century
Enzo Colopinto, IST Italy
The presentation will be conducted in Italian

13:30 TIGER Coatings

Digital solutions for Industrial world
Augustin Ninou, TIGER Coatings

14:00 SunJet

Water-based inkjet solutions for digital packaging
David Reid, SunJet

14:30 Siegwerk Druckfarben

Food compliant inkjet inks enabling a broad field of sensible packaging applications Speaker:
Matthieu Carni, Siegwerk Druckfarben

15:00 Hinterkopf

Breakthrough of digital printing for round hollow bodies - Digital Printer D240.2
Alexander Hinterkopf, Hinterkopf

15:30 LifeArt International

LifeArt – Next Generation Coffin Technology
Mike Grehan, LifeArt International

Wednesday, 21st November



Print of Things: Functional and Decorative Printing
WIDE Conference

The production lines of the Brands are changing significantly to reflect in time the market demands that increasingly go towards customisation, material sustainability, product quality, on demand and just in time. The evolution of analogue and digital printing technologies makes it possible to reinvent industrial production processes in the areas of decoration and functional printing.

Suppliers of technology for industrial printing and manufacturing companies compared to show how the paradigms of production processes change. The introduction, in particular, of production ink-jet printing systems pushes towards the transformation of business models.

Print of Things & Digital Print of Things: Market trends between technology and applications
Enrico Barboglio, Stratego Group

Design and industrial design in the digital era
Emanuele Ricci, Emanuele Ricci Design Studio - Alessandro Dal Monte, Loop Design

Nadir Plasma. The innovative surface treatment technology for improving printability on sensitive and heat sensitive materials
Paolo Scopece, Nadir Plasma & Polymers

Industrial printing: we don’t (only) need printers
Paolo Santi, SAC Serigrafia


Technical Conference: Essential skills, technologies and hardware for inkjet applications in industry
Conference from the Authors of the Handbook of Industrial Inkjet Printing

UV-inks and UV-Curing technologies

12:30 UV-inks and photoinitiators

Marc Graindourze, AGFA

12:50 Overview of UV-curing processes

Matthias Theiler, HAPA

13:10 UV (curing) lamp systems: meeting the challenges of industrial inkjet printing applications

Dawn Skinner, Heraeus

13:30 UV-LED technology

Dirk Exner, Ch. B. de Bueren, Phoseon

13:50 E-Beam and Printing

Mario Gazzani, COMET

Applications: Inkjet + Robot

14:20 Integration of inkjet and robots

Andreas Braun, FPT Robotics

14:40 Integration of inkjet and robots

Clayton Sampson, Cyan-Tec

15:05 Inkjet printhead on robot arm

Fritz Bircher, Renzo Trip, iPrint Center, Xaar

Applications: Direct-to-shape printing

15:25 Direct-to-shape printing on odd-shaped substrates

Volker Till, DEKRON

Applications: 3D Printing

14:50 Insight to Multi Jet Fusion technology

David Ramirez, Hewlett Packard

Applications: Label Printing

16:10 Label printing – LabelStream4000

Michael Has, OCÈ/Canon

16:35 Concluding remarks

Werner Zapka, Xaar


10:30 Arcotec

Corona, Plasma, Flame: Which method gives best adhesion for printing applications
Dr. Werner Eckert, Arcotec

11:00 Sakurai Graphic Systems Corporation London Branch
  SSF Sakurai Smart Factory in the 4th industrial revolution
Claudio Moffa, Sakurai Graphic Systems Corporation London Branch
The presentation will be conducted in Italian
11:30 Roland DG
  On time, on trend, on demand: offer digital printing for every unique customer with Roland DG technology
Giovanni Re, Roland DG Mid Europe
The presentation will be conducted in Italian
12:00 Heidelberger Druckmaschinen

Direct to shape printing at its best – The Heidelberg Omnifire
Annette Gansert, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen - Bas Buser, Plasmatreat


TCM – Surface Decoration
A focus on the application of digital print on decorative materials such as laminate flooring, wood-based panels and luxury vinyl tiles. With digital print becoming more and more an established technology for this industry, leading experts will speak on this exciting new outlet.
Introduction: Kurt Fisher, TCM

12:35 PadaLuma Ink-Jet -Solutions

Industrial InkJet in the Decor Industry – Field Report
Patrick Lutz, PadaLuma Ink-Jet -Solutions

13:00 Hymmen GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Digital printing needs digital structuring.
Carsten Brinkmeyer, Hymmen GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

13:30 Baumer Inspection GmbH

AOI (Automatic optical inspection) & process control based on defect classification
Stefan Bickert, Baumer Inspection GmbH

14:00 Bergstein Digital

Single pass inkjet for direct to shape.
Luc Houben, Bergstein Digital

14:30 METIS Systems

Hi-tech industrial scanners
Massimo Colombo, Metis Systems

15:00 Pall

How to evaluate filtration and degassing processes for digital ink
Michael Mehler, Pall

15:30 Discussion Panel

What are the next big opportunities for Inkjet in industrial applications?
Hosted by Frazer Chesterman, Co-Founder InPrint

Thursday, 22nd November



IMI Europe Inkjet Tech Talk
The talks will cover key technology items including inks, print-heads and integration, and are designed to complement the other content available at the show.

Host: Tim Phillips, IMI Europe

10:30 Sensient Imaging Technologies

Ink Testing for Industrial Printers
Dr Simon Daplyn, Sensient Imaging Technologies

10:50 ImageXpert

Inkjet Development Using Drop Watcher, Printing, and Image Quality Instrumentation
Yair Kipman, ImageXpert

11:10 Alchemie Technology

Digital Precision Coatings
Dr Alan Hudd. Alchemie Technology

11:30 DoDxAct Ltd

InkJet Fluids for Industrial Printing - An Application Viewpoint
Mark Bale, DoDxAct Ltd

11:50 Meteor Inkjet

Selecting & Driving Inkjet Printheads
David Heath, Meteor Inkjet

12:10 ColorGATE

Calibrating and profiling industrial print engines. Adapting to surfaces, viewing conditions and color requirements of different applications
Gerrit André, ColorGATE

13:00 The University of Sheffield

Ink printability
Patrick Smith, University of Sheffield

13:30 Archipelago Technology Group

Powerdrop – Jetting more glue
Catherine Mace, Archipelago Technology Group

14:00 Heraeus Noblelight

Physical analysis of ink-radiation interaction in drying processes
Larisa von Riewel, Heraeus Noblelight

14:30 DoDxAct

The Corrugated Chasm and Beyond
Mark Bale, DoDxAct

15:00 NTS

An inkjet head does not make a printer
Shahzad Khan, NTS


10:30 Ricoh

Industrial Print as a Service – making new technology more accessible
Richard Darling, Ricoh Europe PLC

11:00 Meteor Inkjet Ltd

Single-Pass: Optimization of print quality on the web
Clive Ayling, Meteor Inkjet Ltd

11:30 Xaar Plc

The conversion to Inkjet where it makes sense and should be irresistible
Mike Utley, Xaar Plc

12:00 Unitex

Digital plugin for the textile factory of the future
Prof Dr em Marc Van Parys, Unitex

12:30 AVA CAD/CAM Group

Integrated colour matching solutions for decorative printing
Duncan Ross, AVA CAD/CAM Group

13:00 XAAR

Latest developments in using High Laydown technology for 3D photopolymer printing
Angus Condie, XAAR

13:30 Sensient Imaging Technologies

What comes first, the ink or the printer?
Simon Daplyn, Sensient Imaging Technologies

14:00 ImageXpert

Automated waveform optimization
Paul Best, ImageXpert

14:30 Pragmeta and GWG

PDF in Industrial Print
Peter Claes, Pragmeta

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